: Call for Papers and PhotoEssays - Ethnography and Photography today. New perspectives, technologies and narratives

Ethnography and Photography are founded on relational practices which are based on encounter and storytelling. In such an observation, participation and representation space, these disciplines are configured as two forms of writing with their own methodological specificities, as well as zones of contact.

Considering the profound technological changes in the recent decades (such as greater accessibility to photographic devices, the increasing production and circulation of photographs, the diversification of virtual spaces, the new digital ethnography), what are the current links between ethnographic research and photography? What kind of contribution do the visual languages offer to the production of anthropological knowledge? Which kind of relations are established between texts and images? How creative and/or authorial artistic research combines with scientific knowledge?

The aim of this issue of Visual Ethnography, edited by Marina Berardi and Chiara Scardozzi, is to generate a critical reflection starting from intersectional points between the two disciplines and the plurality of visions and methods. It is conceived as a moment of thought and comparison on the role and the future of photography in ethnographic research, through a theoretical and visual approach, to start a reasoning about theoretical and practical tools of cultural and social anthropology, considering how photography and/or post-photography and its uses declined through the different devices, in addition to making the research contents visible, can also be considered as a real collaborative practice, methodology of intervention, restitution and/or autonomous authorial narration.

The call is open to papers and photo essays focused on experiences of collaborative visual ethnographies that use photography to solicit specific narratives and / or include methods of participatory photography aimed at involving groups and communities in the research and co-production of visual contents; researches that explore the possibilities of creating subjectivity in the online life by sharing new forms of self-representation of the body, gender, identity; reflections that interweave ethics and aesthetics in the representation of otherness; studies concerning photographic collections that are interpreted through their political and public use and inserted (or censored) within the so-called heritagization processes; researches relating to the most innovative and creative trends in contemporary photography that redefine the boundary between reality and fiction starting from the idea of "post-truth", using different media and methods.

Suggested themes include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Visual methods and ethnographic research;

- Collaborative visual ethnography;

- Ethics and aesthetics;

- Photographic archives and visual heritage;

- New-Post Photography & fictional documentary photography.


The submissions will be accepted by April 30th 2021.


Contribution proposals (abstract in ITALIAN or ENGLISH in .doc format, max 250 words including the title and the references).

The contribution proposal must be accompanied by a biographical note (max. 200 words);

Accepted contributions must be between 4.000 - 8.000 words in .doc format, excluding footnotes, references and captions, font size 12pt. Times New Roman. They must be delivered by September 15th 2021.

Please enclose photographs to the submitted article. Pictures should be sent at 300 DPI.


Authors whose contributions will be selected for publication are required to pay a 25 euros fee for the DOI. The fee should be paid after the approval of the publication. If for reasons attributable to the journal the article will not be published, the entire amount will be refunded. In case the author decides to withdraw the article from the publication after the approval of the referees, the amount will not be refunded.


If the author wants the OPEN ACCESS for his/her article, a fee of € 50 is requested.


Photo essay (a PDF file containing the title, the synopsis-abstract made of approximately 100 words and max. 20 photos at 72 DPI).

The submitted material must be accompanied by a biographical note (max. 100 words). The submitted photo essays must consist of a text between 700 and 2.000 words and 15-20 photos at 300 DPI to be delivered by September 15th 2021.


The selected photo essays that will be published on Visual Ethnography will not be indexed with a DOI unless the author requests it by contacting us for the payment of the € 25 fee.