Il sociale dell'arte sociale. Il bisogno di una mentalità | Meschini | Visual Ethnography
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Il sociale dell'arte sociale. Il bisogno di una mentalità

Emanuele Rinaldo Meschini


The paper aims to analyze the relationship betweent he theory of Socially Engaged Art and its practice in different contexts. Starting from the different
theories developed, especially in the early 2000, with a particular focus on Grant Kester and Claire Bishop, the text aims to analyze a specific case. The case study is the experience from the associations PIACCA/
Laborintus who took/squat two former abandoned spaces in the public housing neighborhood of Corviale in the outskirt of Rome. Corviale is well-known as the longest single residential building in Europe. This association bring together artists and people from the building in order to create a space for participation and sharing.


Socially Engaged Art; Corviale; Laborintus; Creative Industries; Activism

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