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Anime abbandonate

Antonio Marazzi


Anime Abbandonate (password=skull)In Naples, the skulls of the Fontanelle represent an archive of the collective memory.
Since hundreds of years, the Neapolitan popular imagery is inspired by a tight relationship with death.
At the Fontanelle, it is believed, are deposited the human remains of souls that still are in the Purgatory, waiting for their salvation.
There they stay, abandoned, like ragamuffins ("pezzentielle"), but with them it is possible to establish an exchange relationship of mutual advantage: if one cares of them, favors and graces are received.
At the end of a purificatory process, these beings - or, better, their noblest parts, the skulls - become glorious heads ("cape gloriose").

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magic; religion; Naples; rite

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