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Mapping Everyday Practices of Reading through Visual Juxtaposition

Chin Ee Loh


Dominant views of reading in educational contexts tend to portray reading as a solitary event, often conducted in silence and over a sustained period of time, popularized in images of reading across different contexts and times. Yet, social perspectives of reading suggest that there are multiple ways to enact reading even within the urban adolescent schooling contexts. This article shows how visual data can reveal new ways of understanding the varied everyday micro-practices of reading that are enacted across different schools. It further argues that visual juxtaposition as critical analytic method can provide new understandings of visual data and generate insights through deliberate comparison. Using the dataset from an ethnographic study of reading in Singapore secondary schools, this paper examines the varied ways that juxtaposition can be applied to the analysis of two forms of visual data, namely documentary photography and time-lapse data to show how concepts of reading, social relations and space are expanded through this form of analysis.


Reading; documentary photography; time-lapse photography; urban schools; visual juxtaposition

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