The Kamot Ganga Puja: Sharks of Sundarban | Sekhar Aich | Visual Ethnography
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The Kamot Ganga Puja: Sharks of Sundarban

Raj Sekhar Aich


There are innumerable undocumented shark (locally called Kamot) bite incidents on the women of Sundarban, but there is no artistic or cultural portrayal of sharks of the region in any form. This lack of representation creates lack of knowledge about this conflict -- and its effects on the women as well as the sharks. In an effort
to remedy this situation, a unique Ganga Debi puja was held in the Sundarbans, where a shark was created as her vahana, and with a girl child of the Sundarbans on her lap. This is a narrative documentation of that puja, it’s reasons and effects, and the day leading up to it.


Sundarban sharks; Idol worship; Human-animal conflict; Anthrozoology; Human-shark relations; Multispecies ethnography

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