The Jeopardized ‘Hanji’ of Kashmir Valley: A Visual Ethnographic Note | Habib | Visual Ethnography
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The Jeopardized ‘Hanji’ of Kashmir Valley: A Visual Ethnographic Note

Hashmat Habib, Siwani Mech


Fishing has always been critical to the financial well-being of Indian society.
While fishing was once a means of subsistence, it has grown into an important source of income and survival. Throughout the years, fishers in Kashmir’s valley have not attempted to alter their tactics. Folklore, oral history, and archive literature all contain accounts of these fisherfolks. The old manner of life of their forefathers and foremothers is now at risk of extinction. These fishers were historically classified according to their social status, power, and social standing. As a result, there may be an increase in social and economic mobility. Residents are abandoning conventional fishing professions in quest of a better social position, jeopardizing the community’s future. Traditional fishers fear a dismal future as the fishing industry continues to deteriorate.

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