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Objects, Memories and Nostalgia

Pietro Meloni, Valentina Lusini


This article is a first step in the re-elaboration of part of the documentary
material collected during our ethnographic research at Iesa, a Tuscan village in the Municipality of Monticiano (Siena), in the period 2012-2018. In visiting the houses of some of the people of Iesa to whom we spoke, we were prompted to reflect on the way they live, a manner shaped by a continuum between the domestic, social and natural environments. We followed these people inside and outside their houses, collecting their memories and recording their stories of the changes (historical, cultural and economic) that have affected the village in recent decades. Focusing on hunting trophies as prisms for the production and reproduction of locality, we were concerned with how their relationship to their living space gives rise to a nostalgia effect embedded in emotions, practices and objects.


hunting trophy; nostalgia; agency; photography; home cultures

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