Boxeur des rues. Appunti dal confine | Cannarella | Visual Ethnography
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Boxeur des rues. Appunti dal confine

Massimo Cannarella, Ilaria Delnevo, Michela Lovato, Gianluca Seimandi, Simone Spensieri


Conducting ethnography in the border space initiates a process of reflection on the role of the researcher in the face of the border device and its impact on people on the move. How does the academy position itself in a border context, among the other actors, such as border actors, people on the move, solidarity networks? A group of researchers share their reflections on an ethnographic field experience along the French-Italian frontier. Direct encounters with solidarity actors and people on the move, while making concrete experience of the border, become a space to reflect on the role that researchers can play in the perspective of solidarity and in their relationship with the people involved.


Solidarity, Border studies, Positionality, Ethnography, Oulx, Briançon

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