Chilean exile seen from "the inside"... 40 years on | Jonas | Visual Ethnography

Chilean exile seen from "the inside"... 40 years on

Irène Jonas, Jean-François Noël


In our research project, entitled "At the heart of the city: analysing the pulse of the Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona" and financed by the Inventory of Ethnological Heritage of Catalonia (IPEC), which belongs to the Department of Culture of the Catalan government, the question of images and sounds was central. After our fieldwork, the question of how to present our work arose; we did not want to do it through text alone. The idea then was gradually born of the multimedia format presented here, which is part of a more general reflection on the attention to be paid to sounds and images for the analysis and understanding of contemporary urban life.


exile; Chile; decoration pictures; photography; domestic space

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