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Japigia Gagi

Giovanni Princigalli


(2003, 59 min., English subtitles)
In Japigia, a neighborhood in the periphery of Bari, Italy, a small community of Roma (Gypsies) carve out an existence in an illegal, ramshackle encampment. The local church has offered them a piece of land with prefabricated houses, but the town hall is preventing this offer due to their own plans for a future a railway station. Continually in danger of evacuation and making a living primarily by begging for money, the Roma still manage to foster a strong community and lively social atmosphere.

Buy the film (English subititles) at : http://www.der.org/films/roma-stories.html

Italian DVD: http://www.distribuzionidalbasso.com/quaderni-gitani/


Gypsies; Bari; Italy; community

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