Reappropriating the Trincheira-Bacajá Indigenous Land | Xikrin | Visual Ethnography
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Reappropriating the Trincheira-Bacajá Indigenous Land

Bepkyi Xikrin, Paride Bollettin


This photo essay aims to describe the process of reappropriation of a part of the Trincheira-Bacajá Indigenous Land by the Mebengokré in September 2021, after almost three years of its invasion by not-indigenous people. The images were taken by Bepkyi Xikrin when the Mebengokré have been able to return to the area after the partial removal of the invaders. The perceptions and sensations of the invasion’s impacts on the environment, as well as the participation of the people in this collective recuperation highlight the social dimension of the environment as well as the resistance of the Mebengokré resistance and their struggle for their lives, lands and rights.


Mebengokré; Amerindians; land occupation; land recuperation; Amazon; deforestation

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