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Border dwelling bodies: an ethnographic research in Siena, Italy

Dafina Gashi


This article presents the ethnographic research conducted in Siena, Italy. It delves into the complex experiences of migrant women from diverse backgrounds, navigating the intersection of neoliberalism, consumerism, and postfeminism. It explores how these women construct their identities within the Western context that promotes constant self-monitoring and transformation, often influenced by media portrayals. The study reveals a duality in their experiences, highlighting the tensions between integration and the social injustices they face. Their pursuit of self-improvement and autonomy is influenced both by personal agency and the social pressures placed upon them as migrants. Despite their efforts to conform to the empowerment narrative, most of their experiences are marked by a fragmented sense of identity and a reliance on consumerism as a means of self-creation.


Neoliberalism, Identity, Postfeminism, Self-empowerment, Personal agency

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